ICUR Conference, RGIPT, Amethi, February 2019 

​The Journey Ahead to Data Driven Cognitive Cyber Drilling Systems

SPE - Gulf Coast Annual Drilling Symposium, Jan 17th, 2019, Houston

Keynote: Threading Engineers and Computers into ONE

​​​Adjunct Professor (concurrent)

University of Southern California, LA

SPE/IADC Conference, Hague, March 2 2019

Tortuosity: The rest of the hidden story

Future of a Drilling Engineer

If your job is repetitive and monotonous, watch out robot is ready to replace you. Please note that the well published "crew change" has already happened.

Futurist, thinker, researcher, innovator, thought leader, author, educator & educationist.

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Distinguished Member, Distinguished Lecturer, International Drilling Engineering Award winner

Machine Learning - Oil and Gas Conference - April17-18,2019 Houston

Data Analytics at the Edge - Applications at the Edge


My lectures, keynote talks and workshops have contents to get you prepared for the  industrial revolution 4.0. For more details contact us.


​SPE Workshop - Wells and Subsea Systems Integrity

21-22 March 2019, Rio de janerio, Brazil

​​Digital Twin At the Edge: Coupled Engineering Analysis with Well Integrity Management 


Blind men and an elephant 

Old first century Elephant and six blind men story retold with exponential thinking for 21st century!

​​​Adjunct Professor (concurrent)

University of Houston, Houston

Adjunct Prof of Practice (concurrent)

Oklahoma University

Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference - June 11-12,2019 Houston

Data Analytics at the Edge - Applications at the Edge



Blockchain in Oil and Gas - March 7, 2019 Houston

Implementing Blockchain Technology in Oil and Gas Industry with Digital Twin

Upcoming Book - Cyber Drilling

Think creatively, innovate and provide nontraditional solution for the old traditional problems.

Dr.Robello Samuel

SPE/IADC Conference, Hague, March 2 2019

Prediction of Penetration Rate Ahead of the Bit Through Real-Time Updated Machine Learning Models

Cyber Drilling System

Your technological choices will make the Plagiarized driller’s brain and the drill bit-data convergence

SPE - Annual SPE Conference, October 2-5 2019, Calgary

Engineers' Dilemma:  When to use Soft and Stiff String Models

​​Distinguished Fellow and Chief Technical Advisor

Houston, Texas

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Towards Never Offline -

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