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Towards Never Offline - Invasive Data Analytics

Automation, Efficiency, and Optimization Offshore: Remote Management of Our Industry

Dr.Robello Samuel

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Towards Never Offline -

Discusses how the industry is going to

get transformed. You be one step ahead

of the game or you will be left out.



Cyber Drilling System

Your technological choices will make the Plagiarized driller’s brain and the drill bit-data convergence

SPE - Data Analytics Workshop

Optimization Through Invasive Data Analytics

Texas Open Innovation Conference - Houston


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Distinguished Member, Distinguished Lecturer, International Drilling Engineering Award winner

Future of a Drilling Engineer

If your job is repetitive and monotonous, watch out robot is ready to replace you. Please note that the well published "crew change" has already happened.

Appointments at University of Southern California, University of Houston and Halliburton. Writes for various magazines and speaks at different conferences and forums

Thinker, researcher, innovator, thought leader, author, educator & educationist.

Blind men and an elephant 

Old first century Elephant and six blind men story retold with exponential thinking for 21st century!

Distinguished Fellow and Chief Technical Advisor

Houston, Texas

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Offshore Technology Conference - Houston


Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference

New Six Blind Men and Elephant Story

AoT to IoT - Digital Shift

IoT Expo Global - Santa Clara Silicon Valley


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